Our story

We are often asked how and why Weaving Hope started and the simple answer is we fell in love with the toys!

Fabric toy sample table

The more detailed answer is that while on a family sabbatical volunteering in Sri Lanka, our founders - Joe and Nicky (in the photo above) - saw the beautiful handwoven items, got talking to the women who made them and were invited to visit their workshop in person.  By the time they left, they felt compelled to set up a company to support the skilled craftspeople they had met by creating a market for their toys and gifts in the UK.

Selyn Sri Lanka

A few years later, our current owner (Anne, here on the right hand side) met Nicky and also fell in love with both the products and the Fair Trade ethos behind them.  She worked alongside Nicky for a while to learn the ropes and, since taking over, has gone on to develop the range as well as increase the variety of places where people can buy them.