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Inspired by the Olympics

Added August 2012

I've been quiet here of late.  It is not so much that I have had nothing to say as that there has been so much that I've been unable to do it justice.  Both at the Olympics and elsewhere there has been so much that has happened, that my own thoughts or feelings have seemed irrelevant and small.

Our athletes have inspired, thrilled and pleased me hugely.  The cyclists and rowers of course but we have come to expect nothing less than the extraordinary from them.  Day one on the track blew my mind - 3 gold medals, really?  I had to pinch myself.  Canoeists, fighters in various disciplines, shooters, swimmers, divers, riders, team players and gymnasts.  I even found myself supporting our football team (and didn't the girls do well!)

It was not just the winners who moved me though they will be rightly celebrated, but the grace and dignity of all our competitors was a shining example.  Potential champions showed their true merit in how they coped with defeat, youngsters grasped chances and the whole country smiled with them.

The Olympics is special - the only great sporting occasion with so many winners, and such good feeling between competitors and teams.  This photo shows such mutual respect between great champions from different teams and I love it.

Away from the Olympics other heroes face other more private yet bigger battles, again some with success and others  beaten, but with that same dignity.  Cancer, mental health, suicide, bereavement these are challenges that cannot be celebrated in the same way.  I remain as inspired and moved by those I know going through these, and have been more aware than ever during these games.  There are so many whom I love that have been affected recently by all of these, some privately and others more publicly.  Their tales are not mine to share, but in part their exertions have tempered my triumphalism during this most epic of Olympics.  

The hope and good feeling that our wonderful athletes have brought with their efforts has been welcome.  
Olympians I salute you all, every one

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