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Do you know why I think Christmas is special?

Added December 2011

Although it is dark and cold instead of focusing on that we lift ourselves by thinking of others.  Christmas is a time to think, to be grateful for what we have, and to show our love.  It is also a time when we can make a difference.  Charity donations are high at Christmas.  If we were those less fortunate though, is charity what we would really want?  I think not.  I would want a chance to show my worth.  This is why paying, and paying fairly, for work is always better than simply giving. 

At Weaving Hope we use the tag line “give a present and a future”.  It sums up achieving two concepts that are important to us (and probably to you) as human beings.  If you give a Fair Trade gift to a loved one, they receive a beautiful present, made with care by someone who feels valued and so takes pride in their work.  The present they receive will give joy, but so much more importantly gives a life line to workers and communities in less fortunate places.  Our goods are made in Sri Lanka, and not only are the workers paid a fair wage, but money is also ploughed into the community, helping with basic infrastructures and education.  Most of our workers are women, and evidence shows that empowering women has so many benefits.  Working women provide positive role models to their daughters and sons of women who work look up to them and respect women more.


Christmas matters because we think of others.  Think with the purchases you make too.  You should choose how you spend your money, do you really approve of where it is going.      Ethical shopping means ensuring money goes where you would want it to.  It should be a conscious decision: “I want to support people who are doing things properly.”  Are you eating happy turkey and baking with free range eggs?  Do you buy Fairtrade chocolate, tea and coffee?  Do you think about your carbon footprint and recycle where you can?  If not, why not?  All these things are deliberate lifestyle choices.  They help define who we are and where we belong in the world.  Christmas is a time of Hope, and if you choose carefully you are giving hope to strangers who really need it.  If that is not what Christmas is really all about, why it is special,  then what?

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